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Insta Love 15

1. Artsy candid shot.

2. Landline.

3. Pistachio cupcake & hazelnut iced latte.

4. Little brother’s pasalubong from Tokyo!

5. Managed to fit everything into five huge boxes! Whew!

6. Waffle, waffle!!

7. Found this place that serves good organic food.

8. Still in the process of prettifying my new bedroom! <3

9. Typo’s finally open in Manila! 

*And yes, I’m on Instagram, too!  @janinasantos

Anonymous asked: hello check blogs? :)

Surelaloo! ;)

Another side of Manila.

Another side of Manila.

Random Messages 075

twohappymoonpies: hi Janina I am currently saving up for a film SLR and I am torn between getting a Nikon F or a Pentax K1000. I am so glad I stumbled on your blog because your recent B&W photos are so crisp and neat. I was wondering where you got yours and how did you make sure it’s working fine when you got it? thanks in advance! c:

Hello! I bought mine from the website, sulit.com.ph (but now it’s called olx.ph), To be honest, I had zero knowledge about film cameras that time, so I did a bit of research on what’s the best camera for beginners like me. Then I found this online seller from Sulit. (Although I can’t find his page anymore.) Read the feedbacks from his previous customers and I arranged a meet-up to purchase the product. Luckily, the seller was nice and enthusiastic to teach me a few basics on how to use the Pentax K1000. And so far it’s been performing quite well considering it’s a second-hand film camera. I suggest you find a legit online seller, personally check the condition of the camera, and once you purchase it, pray that your initial test shots would turn out fine (that’s what I did, haha!). Hope this helps! :-)

februarynineteenhiiii!! where do you develop and scan your film? :”) you’re so awesome!!

Hello, Layza! I usually have mine processed at Fujifilm. Thank you!! :”>

brunchataudreys: WOW that’s amazing! Spontaneous for me is just calling up some friends the morning of and then heading off into the city all afternoon :P

That sounds pretty cool to me, too! But I’m very much sure I won’t be doing it again anytime soon! :))

brunchataudreys: I’ve found a few typography blogs lately, so I’ve been wanting to learn calligraphy too!

Go for itttt! Although you need to keep on practicing to perfect the craft. And I have to admit, I haven’t been making quite the progress yet, hahaha! 

adrianramirez02 wow ganda ng shots mo sa batanes lol…


hello po, ate. pano nyo nagawang malaki yung photosets nyo? :((

Hi! Select “make all images full width” on the theme’s settings. :)

pano nyo pong nilagay sa baba yung next, previous blah blah? :(

I edited the theme’s HTML codes. Although can’t remember the exact codes I used, pero sa Google ko lang nahanap yun. :)

how long ka nasa europe and anong year yun? may plano kang bumalik?

Last April 2011 and the tour lasted for 3 weeks. Hopefully I can go back in a few years! :)

Where did you purchase your “dream” decor piece? Thanks!

Bought if from Papemelroti. :)

Hi girl crush! (not meaning to creep you out though) Favorite perfume, makeup, and bath products? :)

Hello! Here are my favorites <3

1.) Perfume: D&G’s light blue and Philosophy’s pure grace.

2.) Make-up: MAC’s studio fix powder foundation, MAC’s brunette eyebrow crayon, MAC’s boy girl brow set, K-Palette’s real lasting eyeliner, Maybeline’s the falsies mascara, Benefit’s dandelion blush, and Carmex’s lip balm.

3.) Bath products: Dove bath soap and Cetaphil facial wash.

Hi ate janina! I’m using the same layout..but I’m having trouble with my photoset? :( they don’t look arranged like yours :( I tried setting all photos to max width, and still no effect? help? :(

Hello! Sorry for not being much help but I really don’t remember the exact codes I used for my layout, huhuhu! :((

when and where do you plan to go next?

Quite excited to experience autumn somewhere in Asia! ;-)

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I scream for ice cream!

I scream for ice cream!

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