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Eating our way through Tokyo!

One of the things I always look forward whenever I travel: GOOD FOOD. 

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Tokyo Adventure 2014

Aside from taking tons of photographs, I also enjoy documenting our family’s trips through making little travel videos. Here’s a summary of how fun last week’s adventure was! :)

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Happy to be back at one of my favorite places in the world at the best time of the year! ♥

Happy to be back at one of my favorite places in the world at the best time of the year! ♥

#travel  #japan  

Insta Love 08

1. Chasing the sunset.

2. Finally had the chance to use my roll of b&w film.

3. Pine trees and log cabins.

4. The best tonkatsu in town!

5. Morning tea.

6. Always love learning something new!

7. Alone time.

8. That time of the day.

9. Sunday brunch date with my best friends.

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My pre-loved NIKON D3000 camera is for sale!! 

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Charlie the british shorthair cat.

Charlie the british shorthair cat.

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Who knew that carving stamps can be so much fun! Especially when you have a warm cup of coffee and chocolate macaron on the side. 

Who knew that carving stamps can be so much fun! Especially when you have a warm cup of coffee and chocolate macaron on the side. 

Random Messages 069


Thank you for making me smile! Hope you have a great week ahead! ;)

Hi Ate Janina! Paano mo natatancha yung mga pictures mo sa instagram para naka-center yung subject sa square? Huhu. Ang hirap.

Hello! Dati nahihirapan din ako magtancha kaya ngayon madalas ginagamit ko nalang yung “square” option sa camera ng iPhone para sakto na siya for Instagram. :)

Hello There! Janina! Which specific camera do you often use when blogging for your tumblr blog? Also,What specific adjustments do you do on your camera in terms of ISO,Aperture and shutter speed? Lastly,do you edit your photos? If you do, do you use photoshop? Hope you can answer my questions! Thanks!

Hi! I currently use a Nikon D5100. Regarding the camera’s settings, I adjust it manually depending on what/where I’m shooting. Also, sometimes I do minimal editing using Adobe Lightroom. As much as possible try shooting on natural lighting. It never fails to produce good photos! :) 

whimsy-clarie: Hello Janin. It’s me again. I just would like to let you know na your blog is so, so wonderful. Di ko mapigilan ang mapa-backread. I’m currently halfway. I don’t want to call you ‘ate’ kasi you look so young. Ang ganda-ganda niyo po. And I don’t understand bakit may mga haters ka when you look so nice naman. Anyways, looking forward to more of your delicious food post and travels. PS. sana po huwag kayong mag-creep out sa dami ng ni-like kong post! Goodnight po. God bless. Love. Love. Love.

Hi, Clarie! Your message definitely made my day!! Thank you so much for the sweet words and thank you for taking time to read my little happy space. Hope you have a great week! <3

whimsy-clarie: Hello Janin. Sorry ang dami kong nilike na mga posts mo, baka mag freak out ka. ehehe Ang gaganda kasi especially the cupcakes :) Anyways, have a great night! :)

Hi! Don’t worry I don’t find it creepy. Haha. Really appreciate all the love! Thank you again, Clarie!! :”>

what font did you use for the title (the wanderlust diary)? thanks!

Antrokas :)

Hi janina do you made the banners for your theme? I also want to make one for my theme but don’t know how. Thank you :)

Hello! Yes, I did. It’s actually just simple! 1.) Design your own banner using Photoshop. 2.) Save the image 3.) Upload it on Tumblr. :)

twistedxstories: your photos are real purdy <3 so inspiring. I wish I was as good as you but I’ll practice more tehee. much love, and a new follower btw :)

Thank you for the very kind words, dearest! <3

Where do you plan to go next and when?

Somewhere in Asia! ;)

Hello There! Janina! What restaurants/cafes in the metro would you recommend/highly recommend? Just Curious! :D

Hi! Here are my all-time favorites: Cafe Breton, Cerchio, Crepeman, Conti’s, Kimpura, La Creperie, Mary Grace, Max’s, Omakase, Relish, Romulo’s, Saboten, Shakey’s, UCC, Uno, & Yabu. :)

(Almost everything’s located in QC. Hehe!)

May I ask what is your work right now? I am really inspired everytime I read your blog. I seriously want to travel the world someday.

I work in our family business. Thank you so much for the kind words! :)

P.S. We share the same dream! <3

philosophierflous: ANG GANDA NG MGA PHOTOS! galing :) kakainggit! sana may ganyan din ako talent hehehe

Maraming salamat!! :D

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